Each project is individual to size & complexity. Once we complete our initial consultation and understand your specific project we will be able to give you an indicative cost before deciding to proceed further.
This can vary but once Plans and Engineering Documentation have been submitted to Council ordinarily the time period is 20 days before a Building Consent is approved excluding requests for additional information.
Building products are manufactured in NZ & Worldwide and must be NZ building code compliant. Building Products will come with their own Manufactures Warranties
Under the NZ Building Contracts Act a 10 year warranty applies
Payments are paid in stages as the build progresses & can be tailored on approval.
Specific information for each build is needs to pre identified site build requirements. These include wind region, topography, & terrain.
TCT refers to Total Coated Thickness. This is the thickness of the steel including paint coating.
The geotechnical report is used to identify land site conditions. This information identifies subsurface soil, rock, and water conditions. Interpretation of the site investigation by a geotechnical engineer, will provide design and construction recommendations.
We understand you are undertaking a significant financial investment in choosing to build. Letts Construction is a company committed to ensuring your building is of the highest standard & one you will be proud of. With more than 50 Years Building experience in BOP & Waikato we are a trusted & proven company