Initial Consultation

If no plans have been drawn up or provided to us, our initial Meeting will be to discuss the type, size, materials & design of Build you require. We will be able to give you Indicative costings before proceeding with plans.


Budget Approved

Once you are able to approve the indicative estimate a deposit for concept plans & engineering will be required to procced forward. These plans will be able to identify if any amends to the cost will be required prior to building commencement so there are no surprises.


Building Consent

We will prepare and submit all required documentation for Council Building consent approval. This ordinarily takes 20 days for approval to be confirmed excluding requests for additional information.


Site Works

This requires removal of top soil and compacting of the ground in preparation for a solid building platform & correct build levels for laying the foundation.


Foundation Laid

The outer parameters of ground site will be boxed & steel reinforcing laid in place for the foundation footing. The concrete will then be poured to form the concrete slab foundation.


Framing & Cladding Erected

Depending on the type of building steel or wooded frames are erected and fixed onto the foundation. Exterior wall & roof cladding are fastened onto the framing with flashings, gutters, down pipes, doors, windows, & exterior trim. Electrical & Plumbing will be completed if required to your build.


Site Cleared upon completion

Once the building is completed the site will be cleared of all debris and building materials.



Once completed the Council will be notified to complete their final Inspection. Their building inspector will come out to site to confirm building work meets full code compliance.