Trusses for visually exposed situations – an innovative development from MiTek to create architectural trusses for visually exposed applications. The plates are available in stainless steel, gold passivate, galvanised steel, or can be powder coated. Timber specification to suit the desired look. Design options available on request. Discuss your choice of finish with us.


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Letts Construction Truss & Framing division specialise in the manufacture of high quality Truss & Framing & supply to Builders, Merchants, Individual personal builds & Commercial & Residential Developers.


Letts use Mitek Engineering Software to ensure accuracy & precision of Truss & Framing. This ensures all loadings are correctly transferred to designer specifications


Our materials are high quality Kiln-dried, machine stress-graded timber which is supplied by Red Stagg & and Laser frame for consistency of framing materials.


We continue to be competitively priced in the market place without compromise to the quality of building materials & workmanship. This is achieved through efficiency of our manufacturing plant, minimising waste & our in house skilled framers.

Commitment to Service

We fully understand the importance of any building project being on time and on budget. With that in mine our focus is to ensure efficient turnaround times. For more urgent jobs please contact our detailers to confirm times needed prior.


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Ph 07 575 9649

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Letts Construction Steel Reinforcing Division supply to Builders, Merchants, Commercial & Residential Developers. We prefabricate cut & bend reinforcing steel & cages for residential and commercial applications and deliver as required. Steel gages range from 6 to 25mm with the option of larger gages fabricated upon request. We pride ourselves in ensuring efficient turnaround times. If urgent orders are required please confirm prior with our production manager.