Letts Construction Steel Reinforcing Division supply to Builders, Merchants, Commercial & Residential Developers. We prefabricate cut & bend reinforcing steel & cages for residential and commercial applications and deliver as required. Steel gages range from 6 to 25mm with the option of larger gages fabricated upon request. We pride ourselves in ensuring efficient turnaround times. If urgent orders are required please confirm prior with our production manager.


Structural steel beams are manufactured at Letts construction’s premises and are used as components for Letts’ buildings, and also for sale to others in the construction industry. Letts can also offer a steel beam design service and PS1 for council, if required, for a small fee.

Specify your requirements to the Letts team, and best case solutions will be suggested.

Structural vs Roll Formed

Letts provides two steel options – structural and roll formed. Structural steel is ideal for projects where carrying heavy loads is a requirement. For example, if a project required gantry cranes or suspending truck motors from portals, the Letts design team would design the building in structural steel to accommodate this.

In contrast, if a customer required simply a building providing a roof and four walls then cold rolled steel (otherwise known as roll form steel) would be advised. This would give the customer the best design without the structural steel price tag.

Specify your requirements to the Letts team, and best case solutions will be suggested.

For all steel orders, quotes and enquires please contact:

Sean Cleverly
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell 022 121 8427
Ph 07 575 9649


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