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Implement Sheds Tauranga

If you need a farm shed or implement shed that’s built to last, Letts Construction are your local specialists. We can custom design and build an implement shed to suit your specific property and requirements.

Whether you’re needing to store farm equipment, machinery, or anything else, our sheds can give you the complete access you need with no limitations. We can design and build your shed with complete flexibility of shape, size, and durability. No need for an out-of-the-box solution, let us create a shed that’s truly yours.

Why Letts?

Complete Design & Build Package

From your first vision to the finished product, we can look after it all, including planting, landscaping and all those final touches that make all the difference. We’ll also take care of complicated council consents, so you’ll be spared the hassle!

We’ll guide you through every step of the design / build process, with complete flexibility with how much or how little you want to be involved. You won’t believe the possibilities that await… bring your ideas as a draft and we’ll craft them to a standard that we’ll all be proud of! We’ll even offer some suggestions of our own.

Designed For Your Property

There are endless options available for the layout of your implement shed. For example, you can opt for unequal bay widths to accommodate your specific collection of machinery. You can also decide on open bays, closed bays, or a combination of both. Need some extra shelter? We can install overhangs of up to 5 metres.

What if you want your new implement shed to match existing buildings on your property? We’ve got you covered there too! We can either build on to one of your buildings, and/or ensure the colours and external cladding are designed to match.

Bird Proof

Birds can be a nuisance to expensive equipment. Their droppings are corrosive, and can cause damage to paint, metal, or other materials, leading to deterioration over time. Their nests can also become a fire hazard, or attract other pests, leading to further infestation problems.

At Letts Contruction, we understand this, and intentionally design our implement sheds to be bird proof! That means your equipment and machinery will not just be protected from exterior conditions, but also from the interior.


When we build you an implement shed, we want you to have the most possible space available to you. That’s why we choose to use a clearspan design. Instead of using interior columns or walls to support the roof, clearspan sheds use beams or trusses that span the entire width of the building.

A clearspan design gives you more usable space, without any obstructions. This is ideal for storing large equipment, vehicles, or machinery. It also increases efficiency, making it easier to move things around within the shed, allowing you to get things done much faster. An open space also allows for greater flexibility for how and where things can be stored.

Let’s Talk About Your Implement Shed

Letts Contruction have been building in the Bay of Plenty for over 60 years. Our team have all the industry knowledge and experience needed to deliver the exact implement shed you require. With us, there is no need to settle for a on-size-fits-all shed. Instead, let us design and build something unique for your property.

Get in touch today to chat about your project or find out more information. You can send us a message or call us on 07 575 9649.

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