Pole Sheds

Pole Sheds Tauranga

Do you need a pole shed for storage or tinkering? Letts Construction are your local specialists. We can design and build a custom pole shed of any size, customised to your needs. We take care of the entire process from initial design consultancy through to project completion.

Why Letts?

Custom Designs to Suit All Needs

No pole shed is too big or too small for us. Our only goal is to meet your specific requirements, no matter how many bays you need, or what size they need to be.

We have a standard colour range, with designer colours are available on request. If your pole shed will be an extension of an existing building, we can even design it to match. The bottom line? Whether it’s adding on to your house, garage or another shed, you won’t be able to tell it’s an extension.

You can also opt for open bays, closed bays, or a combination of both. What’s more, we’ll tailor our engineering to your specific site. It’s a fully customised service!

All The Bells & Whistles

All pole sheds we build can have no internal poles if required. There are also no intrusive knee braces, meaning even more space and freedom for you! All profiles and flashings are included as well.

We have no limitations to the size of our pole buildings as we can use timber or steel to achieve the required span to suit your needs. Our pole sheds are also designed to be bird proof, right out of the box (so to speak).

Let’s Talk About Your Pole Shed

Our team have all the industry knowledge and experience needed to deliver the exact pole shed you require. We can build a single storey pole shed or barn up to 110m² in a rural zone without a building consent (as long as the wind zone is no greater than high).

Get in touch today to chat about your project or find out more information. You can send us a message or call us on 07 575 9649.

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